I. The topic for free talk or discuss
       1. The one you love, but he/she doesn’t care, or the one love you, but you don’t care too much, how to choose?

2. Suppose you apply to a government department for a license. One day, the employee of the government, who in charge of this matter and know you are good at English, ask you to go with him to take part in the English examination, for the examination is very important for him, and if he lose, maybe he would lose his job too. He tell you to stay in the washing room and offer him the answer. You are reluctant to give him a hand, but you worry about your license. How would you response?

[]:上周话题:The biggest exam, final target(目标)?本周继续讨论


II. 本周还有如下其他活动
1. Translation

     2. Have a break and appreciate the classic Chinese music

     3. Let an oversea student, who studies in Britain, give a short speech on “THE LIFE IN BRITAIN”.